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Bring back the elegance of days gone by with this great fitting camisole. Very versatile. Use it as a layering piece with other tops and a pair of your favorite jeans or dress pants.

Review Part Deux – Washing Tips

By KeenSense from Urbana, MD on 1/4/2011


4out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

This is my second review. I noticed a few reviewers having issues with washing (having the camis come apart, holes, etc) so I wanted to add some washing tips to help these $20 tanks last.
-wash on delicate cycle, cold water, with other delicate items. Don’t wash with jeans or more sturdy items. (Speaking from personal experience!)
-if you have a lingerie bag, use that. These bags are available just about anywhere and are relatively cheap, so I’d recommend acquiring a bag if you don’t have one. Wash with bras, delicate undies, etc to save the life of the cami.
I’m a huge fan of these – own MANY colors – but I know spending $20 a pop isn’t always budget-friendly. Hopefully these tips can help save the life of your camis! 🙂



I have an alibi

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Apparently some people in/near Bel Air couldn’t wait to get their hands on COD: Black Opps, the new Call of Duty game set for release tomorrow (Nov. 9).

Robbers steal new COD game

Before I get blamed, I have an alibi!

Before you gamers get blamed, get your alibis figured out too.

Maryland, making America proud one crime at a time. 😉



Restore Sanity? My Arse

If only the “Rally to Restore Sanity” actually did what this guy suggested, instead of being Yet Another Protest of Hate.

I haven’t heard much in the news about the rally, and I’ve been looking for it.

On Saturday I did notice an abnormal amount of out-of-state drivers in Maryland, many of them NOT yielding the right of way, and many displaying anti-Republican, anti-American bumper stickers. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I’m not fooled.

One commenter explained that the Rally was for people left out of the parties. But from what I have seen/read/heard, it was basically a Hippie Mecca.

I’ve got a problem with that. (Of course.)

It was basically a forum for people to protest the Tea Party (OK, legit), seek legalization of pot (I support that, but not sure how legit that is), and again blame Bush/O’Donnell/Republicans for all things wrong in the world.

Uh, hello? Obama is president and last time I checked he’s not Republican!

I think the true Rally to Restore Sanity will occur on Nov. 2, when Republicans are elected into power once again.

Just sayin’.

Here’s one story from

New Pet Peeve

The latest thing for me to bitch about is people who abandon their food in the communal office microwave.

This drives me insane!

OK, so you’re heating up a Hot Pocket or Lean Cuisine, that will take 3-5 mins. Why not just stand there and wait for it? OK, so you feel like an idiot standing there. Get over it.

OR – once you leave your food, come back within the timeframe to collect it!

This happens in my office all the time – and the microwave beeps repeatedly to let you know that the food is ready.

Plus, other people want to use the microwave.

Stop being so selfish, people!

On a lighter note, gotta love this cartoon. Hehe:

For Cryin’ Out Loud

OK people, wtf? Seriously. Explain this to me:

Let me get this straight – “you’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.” (Does anyone know where that quote is from? Network. 1986.) So you’re going to go protest something in the streets of DC, causing a scene over…what exactly?

I honestly don’t get it. Jon Stewart – a famed yellow journalist – is hosting a rally in DC for people who don’t have time to rally, to complain about the loss of jobs and to bitch.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for protests and anti-government propaganda (especially this current administration). But this protest appears to be one of the worst – it’s not accomplishing anything! Actually, come to think of it, what is the point of protesting in the first place? Has anything – other than the arrests of hippies – been accomplished? No.

I am confused. And annoyed. But at least it’s being held on a Saturday. So while people are clogging up the Metro and the streets of DC early in the AM, I will be snugged in my bed sound asleep.